Friday, 26 February 2010

Swarovski Earrings

FYI -about me !

My main jewellery item that I have always loved is Earrings, I dont care if I dont wear any othe jewellery other than a pretty watch and Earrings.

The bigger the better!

I even wore large sterling silver hoops to school even though it wasnt allowed I got away with wearing them.

I purchased these from the Swarovski Shop at the mall, I have so many things with Swarovski because Im like an eagle with an eye for all that glitters -lol!. But, amazingly I have never bought anything directly from the shop before.

The earring were about £80 and are gold plated, apart from the post which is a nickel free material, I have sensitive ears which means I cannot wear fashion jewellery (even nickel free) for more than a few hours.
I liked the girl who served me she was really friendly and told me about the earrings, how the stones start off dark at one end and end up white at the other end etc
and that the products come with a warranty so I decided to try the earrings.

However to my horror one of the earrings lost stones the first time I wore them, I took them back to the shop the very next day and another woman refused me a refund as they had more of the same design in stock. She was a complete moody cow and put me off of ever buying from there again.

Im a little scared to wear them now :(

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