Wednesday, 24 February 2010


I would like to thank the beautiful Zerin for tagging me for the Beautiful Blogger Award.
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1) I started wearing light makeup from age 15 just liquid eyeliner and tinted Lip balm, I have always been a tomboy and was not interested in makeup myself. However I found that I was able to create amazing results on other girls.

2) I used to be really good at performing -I took part in school plays, I played a few instruments at beginner level, and was in the school choir which had an annual christmas concert at the famous colston hall, and I also was the schools Choreographer and lead dancer for one of the schools dance teams.

3) I have always had an interest in Health and I have self taught myself alot about Health, Nutrition, Fitness, Skincare, Pregnancy, etc -the Human body is AMAZING! I was really good at Biology at school and I saw myself as a future Doctor. (Ive put this dream on hold due to settling at a young age)

4) I feel really strongly about children. I wish I could adopt a million children, I get seriously upset when I hear about abused children, or children that are deprived due to natural disasters.

5) I am really creative and this comes out in all that I do from interior decorating, to Baking and ofcourse MakeUp. I like to put my own twist on everything that I do. I even design and make my own designer garments (time allowing). I also do professional MakeUp artistry by the name of 'Beauty by Shaz'

6) I am the Yummy Mummy of 3 kids who keep me busy for about 20 hours a day and I sleep the other 4 hours

7) I love technology and was previously working as a manger in the field of techcology communications, and Im an absolute geek when it comes to gadgets, I have to have them all!

I tag all of my followers, and everyone and anyone reading this blog, if you are reading this then please do this tag I would love to hear about you, just leave me a message below to let me know that you are taking part.

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