Friday, 26 February 2010

Garnier pure active spot roll-on


Im actually liking these products right now

So although I have dry skin occasionally I come out with an ugly spot I get between 1-10 spots a year.
But this time around I came out with 2 stubborn spots that refused to die.
I tried several products.
Including Clearsils spot pen which promises to kill a spot in 24 hours
this time it did not work.
neither did superdrugs tea tree spot stick
or boots blemish gel

so on a trip to boots entirely dedicated to researching every spot product on the shelves
I found the garnier pure active roll on and decided to give it ago
I applied it in the same way that I was using the other products
(regularly re-applying every 1-2 hours)
yes this is more than recommended but it actually worked the spots had almost disappeared by the next day.

So I definitely recommend this for anyone with spots even if you have 10-20 please treat each spot individually rather than using something harsh on the delicate skin surrounding spots you are actually spreading the bacteria and aggravating your skin to produce more spots.

Because I have always taken such good care of my skin I did not have an issue with spots even as a teenager.

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