Friday, 26 February 2010

Girls must haves

Betula Flip Flops by Birkenstock
These are bestt for after bath and shower as they are made of rubber which makes them the most hygienic choice and are easily washable. The writing did not last more than a week though.

Duplo disposable razors by Wilkinsons sword
These are amazingly sharp and give you a close and clean shve even on thicker and coarser hair.
They cost about £4 for 10 razors wghich I feel is really cheap, you can easily use each one about 5 times so one razor could easily last you a week if used daily. Also they are pretty pink so hopefully this will put off the thieving men we live with (lol)

Bodyform Sanitary towels
These are available in so many different variaties from day and night, with and without wings, and also different absorbancies, and fragranced and un-fragranced, I think this is the best all rounder pack of towels, I dont want to have to go through ten different packs these are fine for me. Definitely do not leave for more than four hours. ( I hope this helps those of you who get confused by all of the choices available especially the new teens)

Sure Girl Deodorant body spray
Obviously there is no substitute to regular bathing but additional freshness and fragrance is very uplifting. I have tried this brand for the first time I was in a very girly pink mood.
I usually go for Soft and Gentle in fresh linen, it is great for sensitive skin and can be used after waxing and epilation -ALWAYS PATCH TEST ALL PRODUCTS FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY.

Imperial Leather Little Treats Shower Creme in Cherry blossom and Vanilla bean
Another first try, I was interested by the flavour/fragrance (I love all things cherry including cherry blossom) when I smelt this it was the sweetest cherry blossom fragrance so I had to get this, I normally use, Philosophy, Molton brown , L'occitane, Clarins, Decleor and lush for 90% of my bathing. But I decided that I wanted to try more easily available high street products.

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