Friday, 26 February 2010

Mac in lillyland spree

Mac in lillyland Collection, my thoughts and my chosen purchases.

I really wanted this powder because I thought the powder would be really flexible due to being four wearable colours. and would be an easy bronzer when blended, it blends to a brassy brown - not so pretty!

I was hoping this to be super sparkly, but it was not as sparkly as I expected it to be, and the glitter was silver which was not as pretty as it could have been if it was pink or gold.

I love love love these creme blushes, theyre more pigmented than the regular ones from MAC and have more staying power and are not sticky, they are alot like the old clinique creme blush in texture.

This is the worst MAC nail polish i have ever used, if the first one I bought had been anything like this I would never have repurchased and I would have thrown the formula in the bin and used the container as part of back to MAC to exchange it for a lipstick.
This nail polish actually goes on streaky, I saw this on someones blog and thought they were messy, nut I had the same problem, I had to wear 3 layers to make it look decent, the colour is very pretty and I got compliments from many people including the girl on the Chanel counter.

My purchase from this collection I wanted all of the blushes but as it was an online exclusive these sold out like hot-cakes.
I still want joie-de-vivre and the so sweet so easy.

New formula creme-blend blush
Glittery lip glosses -generous 15ml
The complete collection
The promo picture for the collection

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M said...

the blush looks interesting! i agree that MAC nail polishes are not the best! x