Saturday, 27 February 2010

Barry M lip paints

Barry M lip-paints

Im a huge fan of Barry M dazzle dusts
and as I have tried the nail paints I decided its time to try some lip paints too

The whiter colour is no 101 and i think its called marshmallow and the nude-ish browny colour is no 136 and its called golden bronze

Marshmallow no 101 is very dramatic if used as a lipstick as it will wipe off your lips
its much better used as a primer or lip-erase type of product.
Its kind of like a lip concealer.

golden bronze no 136 is a really pretty sheer lipstick with some shimmer and sheen.


Shifa said...

love golden bronze!

raspcherry said...

yes, golden bronze is their prettiest colour, its a rosey bronze shimmer, unfortunately marshmallow 101 is just chalky white concealer.