Friday, 26 February 2010

Avene Eau thermale and Roc skincare review

So you all know that I am 'The Dry Skin Diva'
My skin is sooooo sensitive.
I will share my opinion and thoughts on all of the products I use to maintain healthy skin.

I first used these products whilst having a majorly sensitised skin.
I purchased these products from Boots.

Each product retails at between £10-£15 pounds

The products are -
-Avene Eau Thermale extremely gentle cleanser
no rinse tissue off formula, can be used on all skin types -even on the most red sensitised and irritated or spotty skin, dry or oily skin.

-Avene Eau Thermale spring water soothing serum for sensitive skin
this costs about £15 and is so soothing and cooling and hydrating on the skin I even use this when my skin is not sensitised, this can even be used in place of moisturiser for additional hydration for example if you are using a 3 in 1 product on your face ie a tinted moisturiser with spf. I use between 1 to 3 pumps, 1 at a time until my skin feels quenched.

you can use the matching Avene eau thermale moisturiser which comes in different concentrations for different skin types and has an SPF.

But as I had a £5 voucher for ROC I tried a similar moisturiser which also comes in different intensities for different skin types

ROC Hydra + Bio Active anti oxidant Bio moisturising cream spf15 -dry skin option
I have seen alot of advertising for this product so I was glad to try it out, I definitely like this, it comes in a hygienic tube so If your problem is bacterial spots you wont contaminate the rest of the formula. its a nice consistency and smells nice and it is definitely moisturising and soothing. again Im happy to use this even when Im not sensitised.

I also used the following three products

Avene eau thermale spf50 face sunblock
Avene childrens sunblock spray
Avene eau thermale facial spritz

all were fine however I noted that I had to apply the baby sunblock 10 times in a three hour drive and I still got really tanned, but this is good as I have such sensitive skin I dont tan naturally I burn so badly I get all red and crusty ewwwwww

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