Monday, 25 July 2011

MAC Zoom Lash Mascara

I have the shortest, teeniest, tinyest, stubby lashes in the world, and if that was not bad enough they also stand horizontally straight out.

So in a mascara Im looking for everything basically which means lenghtening, volumising and some curling -Since Im so lazy and forgetful to curl my lashes before mascara application. 

For many years I have sworn by Clinique High impact mascara 

Until I tried MAC Zoom lash mascara  . . . 

I heard alot about this mascara, even Kim kardashian has raved about it, but nothing was enough for me to go and try another mascara since each and every mascara makes so many claims and even the ones over £20 have disappointed me.

I then got a zoom lash mascara as part of the lined and lashed kit and since then this is easily my most purchased mascara.

This mascara adds length, volume, and when applied in an upwards motion and holding the lashes up for 2 seconds with the actual mascara wand it can help to hold a curl.

I apply 1-2 coats, but careful as the second coat starts to give a spidery leg effect and a third coat gives a twiggy effect.

And since mascaras should be replaced regularly it makes sense to use a mascara from MAC as the container is eligible for the back to mac programme.

And the cost of this mascara is not too far off from other high end high street mascaras that I have tried so I really feel that zoom lash is an affordable mascara.

You will like this mascara if you like Loreal telescopic, loreal lash architect, Max factor false lash effect.

Whats your favourite mascara??

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