Saturday, 16 July 2011

MAC Semi precious Collection review and swatches

I had to take these pics with my iphone 4 because I dont want to look  like a complete weirdo taking photos of makeup with a big camera, but Ill manage looking like a partial weirdo taking pictures with my iphone 4. 
I hope this helps to give you an idea of colours and shades etc if your still on the fence as to whether you want to buy certain products or not. 

photos of cosme

I really felt that this collection was really nice but since I have bought so many mac cosmetics over the past 12 months let alone from the mineralize line I felt it would be best if I did not go to crazy.
( I think I bought all of the in the groove eyeshadows)

Tempted to buy atleast 5 of these merged eyshadows but refrained with difficulty, I also like to buy all of the mac limited edition brushes but I think the split fibre does not suit my purposes due to my useage techniques.

(with flash -Above)

(without flash in store lighting -above)

Top row  - Mac semi precious mineralize skin finish MSF's
Bottom row - MAC semi precious Mineralize blush

MAC semi precious lipsticks (above)

Mac semi precious lipglass swatches

I will try and put up the names and descriptions of these products if you want me to then please comment below and let me know, 
I hope these swatches are helpful, I will do a follow up review and haul post of my purchases from the collection.

Have you bought anything from this collection?

Raspcherry <3

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