Friday, 29 July 2011

My Babyliss beliss hot air styler

Model- Babyliss BE liss ioniceramic 800 hair dryer

I have had this a few years now, i originally bought the larger version which is shaped like a hairdryer which is specifically for longer length hair but I found it to big and chunky to use and I kept hitting myself on the head with it so I gave it to my sister (who has even longer hair )
and I bought the model for shorter hair which is the one that I am reviewing now
It is light, easy to handle, and great to use in my thick, long curly hair
you can adjust the end styler and make it a really tight setting so that it can straighten your hair but I dont like the pull on my hair and my hair getting caught in the comb bit so I leave it on a medium setting
which is Ok since I always go over my hair with my GHDs

My hair is quite long as you can see in my profile pic it comes down to the middle of my back 

This hair dryer is easy to handle if you always do your own hair like me
I have been let down by hair dressers so many times that I now even cut my own hair
The hair dryer has a filter on the back end
and also has a swivel cord just like the one on my GHD's so I dont tangle and strangle myself with my own hair dryer

I really like and trust baby liss hair tools

I think they produced the first retailed hair straightener with the steam attachment which was my first ever hair tool !

I thought Id put in a picture of the long hair version in also since this review also covers the be liss 1700w which also comes with a changeable diffuser attachment

Which hair dryer do you have ??

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