Friday, 30 September 2011

Warning to all Seche vite top coat users

                                                       Picture from Seche vite website

I am a huge fan of seche vite top coat and i have been using it for years
it has been a fave of mines and repeat purchased and has basically been my HG top coat for the past 3 years

Luckily I started using it after the birth of Bubby  -so no problems for me luckily.

The problem is with the DBP contained within this top coat
but other big brands that use DBP include : Orly, sally Hansen and OPI -unfortunately I use all three brands especially OPI

Heres some information posted by GlitterGeek on SalonGeek which summarises the issues

Due to escalating public and media pressure, three major nail brands are removing DBP from their US polish formulations. OPI, Orly and Sally Hansen have all acknowledged the move following criticism from health groups and consumers that the chemical is dangerous. This is due to a backlash from reports that concluded the substance links to birth defects among other health issues. Polish formulations in the UK however conform to EU regulations. Here DBP is banned, and so up to now all three companies have been manufacturing different formulations for the UK market. DBP is said to be an endocrine disrupter linked to underdeveloped reproductive systems in newborn boys. The chemical has also been associated with accelerated puberty in girls - a factor that might also be linked to breast cancer

Here is the link to the thread

I think that this is really worrying
I have noticed many chemicals making a come back into beauty care products and has put me off some products, if not the whole brand

I really wanted to share this with all of you

Be safe


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