Monday, 11 January 2010

The love of my life -Liquid eye liners

Some of the Liquid eyliners I use, Recommend, and Repeat purchase.

Rimmel -very thin brush for a thin line -used by celeb MUA's.

Bourjois-my oldest friend - I have been repeat purchasing this since I was at school it has a thin to medium brush.

L'oreal - this has a long felt tipped brush and is similar to Lancomes liquid eyeliner.

Clinique- felt tipped pen applicator for a good steady thick line.

Estee lauder -new formula -very long lasting similar applicator to clinique.

Laura geller - brush applicator in double ended tube offering choice of green and grey.

MAC -nice brush, thick formula in various colour, its like when you stand in dog-shit and you can never quite get it all of your shoes.-trust!

Gosh - Cheap high street dupe of the above Mac liquidlast -doesnt come off.

others I purchase inc -Chanel, Lancome, YSL, not too keen on Diors.

I hope this helped you all.

Raspcherry X

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