Friday, 1 January 2010

Mac Face and body foundation

I was not sure what to expect with this foundation as I had heard alot of reviews often described as a tinted moisturiser by makeup guru's on youtube.
I kind of see where they are coming from as this foundation is definitely the most hydrating foundation of all the MAC foundations that I have tried. Its a very thin liquid-dy formula, and is very sheer compared to other MAC foundations. MAC claim they have put lots of good for your skin ingredients in this foundation. An ideal starter foundation the most economical as its £22 for 120ml / 4oz. A 30 ml foundation can easily last me 3 months based on that this may last a year but bear in mind I have not used this long enough to make that claim.

But honestly I would have to say that I really like MAC's face and body foundation. I would say its suitable for all skin types, I have sensitive dry skin. I did not react to this even after I experimented with it by leaving it on my whole face and neck throughout the night. I also added 5 layers of this foundation intermittently throughout the experiment and it did not go cakey, it did not stick to and emphasis any dry patches on my face. It feels comfortable to wear as its such a light formula, It is not sticky, it absorbs into your skin in about a minute and is completely touch dry. This is the first foundation I have ever dared to put on my neck as it is so light and I wanted to test its transfer resistance and although I was not wearing white I believe it really might be transfer resistant as it just seems to disappear and blend into my skin. I also applied a small amount over my eyelids to neutralize the colour and used the foundation all the way upto my lashline to see how it would react on my dark circles. The foundation did not agitate even my eyes and and blended right in and was not visible at all. It just makes you look like you have great skin. You will need an additional concealer if you have specific blemishes, dark circles, scars etc I felt that the MAC select cover up worked well with the face and body foundation to give a very natural non made up effect. It also photographs well and you look like you have naturally nice skin.

I applied with my fingers although I did try it with a brush both methods are fine and give good results.

The only thing is that this foundation does not contain any SPF so be sure this is included in your skincare such as your moisturiser.

I hope you found this review helpful, I did not get paid for this at all -Although If MAC read this and wish to pay me for this or send me other products to review that owuld be fab!


born_confused90 said...

hey this sounds really great and i love your review - it's very detailed and thorough!
you just really made me want to buy this!

take care!

Shifa said...

I always wntd to try this and now def will =)
hows the coverage though? I mean its not as sheer as a tinted moisteriser is it?

Nadia said...

i really want to try this foundation but I'm scared that it will cause really bad acne for me again. I used to use MAC mineral skinfinish for a long time. Do you know what the ingredients are? xx