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MAC foundation collection 11/2009

Ok, so Im going to share with you some of my MAC foundation collection, including, powders and concealers.

MAC Mineralize satinfinish -NC40
This is for dry skins although it can be used for normal and combinstion skins.
The foundation is a very shimmery formula and is slightly a moussey texture compareable to Smashbox High definition healthy FX foundation. (Smashbox blog review coming soon however youtube video review is already up on youtube channel raspcherryx3) The foundation is very shimmery, if you have seen an open jar of bare escentuals mineral foundation you will nkow what I mean. it glides on easily using any of your favourite foundation application methods, and is absorbed and touch dry in less than a minute, and you are ready to go. I prefer to set mine with the MSF natural.

This is a mineral containing pressed powder. Originally it comes in a larger version of a blush compact, but me being me and preferring mirrored compacts, I have put my MSF into my MAC ltd ed Hello Kitty beauty powder compact. and the beauty powder now rests in the case that the MSF came in. This powder gives a matte finish and will give you slightly more coverage than a sheer or translucent powder. Some people use this alone on lazy days but I enjoy playing with makeup and I like to look as clear as possible.

I was really impressed with this liquid foundation, it is good for normal to dry skins and contains alot of nourishing ingredients as well as an spf15, It gives medium buildable coverage.
easy to apply , with fingers or any other method. I would use this foundation with MACs best concealer -Select cover up an set it with MAC Select Sheer loose powder for an immaculate finish.

this is a loose powder from the same line as the select foundation and select concealer it gives very little coverage and is mainly for setting your foundation. Its a nice formula but I would not waste this powder for catching fallouts whilst doing your eyemakeup I would suggest you use something like Boots natural collection loose powder which comes in 3 shades. this powder is comparable to Max factors loose powder so If you want the same quality but cost less go for that one.

This is a great liquid concealer that gives good coverage and is in a nice formula that doesnt look too dry on dry spots, it can even be substituted for your foundation if in the correct shade for your face and apply with a stippling brush as the formula is very opaque, you can mix it with moisturiser for a sheer tint tinted moisturiser or light foundation. If I was to only have 1 concealer from MAC it would be this one.

This is a very light foundation in a very balm like consistency, its definitely for dry skins. It is comparable to Bobbi browns tinted moisturising balm which has an spf25 and the moistureblend has a standard SPF15. It has some good ingredients but I feel that it is a little synthetic as it emphasises any dry patches I may have.

I purchased this in the summer for its spf35 to use as a substitute to both foundation and sunblock -obviously dont over do it apply it as sheerly as possible. I found this to be very good for extra coverage over my moistureblend foundation. It can look chalky under the eyes and can build up in fine lines therefore use this on your face and use something else for under your eyes. It is very solid and quite dry formula/texture.

This is definitely a MUA favourite foundation and I can see why. As it is suitable for all skin types. The formula is solid and will not leak, it is lighter to carry than bottles. The formula is excellent -it is your concealer, liquid foundation and powder all in one. It feels so solid to the touch, seriously it feels like a brick. Initially I liked it wih a standard foundation brush but later I found that this works great with a stippling brush as you can build and layer until you reach the coverage you desire. If you want very sheer coverage dampen your brush with a drop or spritz of water.

This is not a setting powder, It is a full on foundation and will give a good amount of coverage applied with a dry sponge or powder puff. to get a sheerer coverage apply with your favourite powder brush. It is actually the original version of the Mac Studio fluid foundation which was made due to the popularity of the studio fix powder foundation and MUAs wanted it in a fluid liquid form.

MAC STUDIO SCULPT foundation NC30 (not pictured)
I purchased this in nc30 which showed up a horrible orange on my skintone so I gave this away. It is slightly more affordable than others in the range as it comes in a generous 40ml tube. it is described as a gel texture but I would say that it isa cream texture. Perfect for dry skins as it contains great ingredients and oils such as shea butter. I fully plan to repurchase this in a colour of my own choice as it gives a high coverage and it acts as a barrier on your skin from this cold and wet harsh weather that we are all experiencing during winter. oh and it also has an spf15.

I will be reviewing MACs face and body foundation as well as studio sculpt foundation and concealer soon.

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