Friday, 1 January 2010

Beauty problem solvers

if you have a specific problem and you are not sure what to do, or where to go, then you are welcome to comment against this blog and I will try to help you as much as possible.

Raspcherry X


makeupdivaa said...

as i already asked u on twitter bout best moisturizer ever..for dry/sensitive skin :)

raspcherry said...
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raspcherry said...

Products I recommend for dry sensitive skin

to help rectify any dry sensitivity try clarins repair serum.
its an oily texture and it comes in a tiny bottle and is what I use.

also I use the Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream which also has soothing repairing properties.

Also use the Avene hydrating serum daily, under whichever moisturiser you choose for extra hydration.

I love products by decleor - they are made from natural ingredients and they dont use mineral oils and harsh preservatives (and alcohols in some products -not sure about all)

-their tonifying lotion and cleansing ilk is my favourite wipe off cleanser and toner gentle enough to use on your eyes

3 of their moisturisers are perfect for you for super sensitive skin turn to Harmonie ultra soothing moisturiser
for super dry turn to their nutri delice moisturiser
and if your skin is in OK condition try their hydra floral

another brand which is fab for dry sensitive is liz earle
use the cleanse and polish wash off cleanser to cleanse your face and remove makeup, it comes with a muslin cloth which also provides daily exfoliation,
the toner is fab as its main ingredient is aloe vera juice
and the matching moisturiser would be the dry sensitive option its mild and good enough for me to use on my baby!

If youre looking to purchase mid range try the avene mild cleansing lotion, the Avene hydrating serum is so soothing and hydrating you can use this under any moisturiser. And you can use either the avene moisturiser for dry skin or the ROC moisturiser for dry skin

I hope this has helped,


Raspcherry X

raspcherry said...

I had a question on my youtube channel
RE - does MAC select moistureblend irritate dry sensitive skin?

hi sweety

I also have dry sensitive skin, I have been ok with this foundation but then again I wear it over serum, moisturiser, and even primer sometimes.

I need the layers because my skin is that dry

the best thing for you is to try a swatch of the foundation in store
and/or ask for a 3 day sample in a little pot to take away
and remember if you purchase the foundation and it irritates your skin then as long as you have the reciept then you are eligible for a full refund

if it has to be a mac foundation
the best for dry skins are -
MAC face and body foundation
MAC moistureblend compact foundation
MAC mineralize foundation
MAC studio sculpt foundation