Wednesday, 13 January 2010

120 eyeshadow palette

120 Palette from EBAY

I bouhgt this palette because I was looking for an affordable product that held every colour in one place.

It arraived fairly quickly

The colours are all gorgeous and very pigmented and soft

One shadow arrived totally smashed and another partially smashed -sods law that they were pretty colours, but dont worry, I did not let them go to waste I pressed them back in.

I definitely rate this palette very highly -I got what I wanted. :)



Shifa said...

Looks awesome! We would love to see some looks with this palette :)

born_confused90 said...

definitely very pretty :)
good choice

desiiGirl87 said...

i'm planning on placing my order for 1 some time next week..i am reassured that i should!

streetsmartjunkie said...

wow ! 120 palette looks amazing :)