Monday, 11 January 2010

Maybelline color sensational lipstick

Its been ages since I have purchased lipsticks from the high street and I also rarely buy Maybelline products.

I bought these lipsticks from both Boots and Superdrugs.

The thing that attracted me to these lipsticks was the colour coded casing.
Lancome also has a similar liptick casing for their Color fever range and I think that Maybelline may have followed Lancome in this instance.
The lipsticks in the Maybelline range are split into four colour coded groups


I thought to do a fair review I would need to purchase one from each colour group

165/pink/pink hurricane/ cool pink with silvery glitter( -similar to angel?)
240/purple/galactic mauve/ purplier version of Viva glam 5 with gold
730/brown/golden brown/ cool brown with silvery glitter
535/red/ruby star/ matte deep cool red with silver and red glitter

the 240 is the only one I chose that doesnt have the colour of the case included in the name of the shade and in my opinion one of the prettiest colours. If I only bought one of these lipsticks it might be this one.

the lipsticks are priced at about £6 each

They are a creamy texture but quite drying on the lips so you will need something additional to keep your lips moisturised.
I think these lipsticks are great for holiday and travel as you know which shade you are grabbing by the colour of the case -something Im sure MAC lipstick lovers could kill for.
They also look pleasantly decent when using whilst out and about.

I rarely reach for my MAC lipsticks in a rush as I have to grab a few lipsticks before I find the shade that I am looking for.

I have also noticed That 'no535- ruby star' shade has also recieved some beauty press coverage since I have purchased it. (I pay more attention to products I have)

Im hoping to try out more high street stuff for you all.

I hope you all found this helpful.

let me know if you have purchased from this lipstick range and which colours you have got and how you are finding them.

Raspcherry X

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