Monday, 11 January 2010

Palmers Cocoa butter formulas

This is such a fantastic lotion it costs less than £5, for some people can be used on face and body for other people Id sggest you use this as a body formula. Its suitable for all skins, you would just have to adjust application according to your skin type if like me you are a dry skin diva then you can use this all over, if you are not a dry skin diva then you can use a lighter application all over or you can focus on your dry bits such as knees, elbows, feet and hands etc

If you like the smell of chocolates then you'll like this as it is chocolate scented and you will smell sweet.

It contains cocoa butter which is infamous for relieving dryness, recovering slackened and stretch marked and discoloured damaged skin with regular use.

Raspcherry xXx


born_confused90 said...

hmm, i have another one of the palmers and i loved it at firat - the smell is gorgeous and lingers on your clothes which personally i like... but its just not moisturing enough for some of my body in winter :s

raspcherry said...

@born-confused90 ohh thats not a problem at all, once you have applied all over you just add a double layer to the problem bits and just repeat until your skin doesnt instantly suck it all up, after a few days you will ned less layers until a single layer will be enough -persistence will pay my love!