Thursday, 12 August 2010

Haul:- Highstreet stuffies

Sometimes the best things can be found on the high street

Elnett hairspray ltd ed cheryl cole
Glam shine Reflexion lipgloss in sheer cassis
Glamshine juice lipgloss pink
Bourjois Nailpolish remover
Max factor translucent loose powder
Max Factor False lash effect mascara
Free max factor GWP includes
toe separator, mini nail plish, mini lipstick, mini shadow, mini mascara, mini liner

Elnett Hairspray is yearz old, it definitely has a cult following, many stylist rate this higher than more expensive brands, and the main point is that it is still around.
I used to buy really expensive hairsprays but when I realised this simple fact, I moved to Elnett!

I think everyone knows That Cheryl Cole is L'oreals new model, shes so lucky they dedicated their top seller product to her and put her face on a limited edition can!

I have always been a fan of the Glam Shine lipglosses, The above purple shade is mass advertised, it is Cheryl coles favourite shade, it is a plummy colour Ill do a proper lip swatch for you sometime or incorporate it into a FOTD.
I also picked up a pretty pink shade as it was on offer 2 for £12

Max Factor was doing a GWP so I picked two items
Their translucent Loose powder which is one of my fave loose powders ever!
And I picked up the waterproof version of their False lash effect mascara which is definitely my favourite High street mascara, the waterproof version is a nightmare to remove.

I used to be a big fan of OPI nail polish remover and would rarely use anything else until Nails inc became available and I would purchase either OPI or nails inc.
One day i happened to try the bourjois nailpolish remover just for testing purposes and I really was impressed quality wise a small difference but not a huge difference and a saving of about 75% on the premium brand versions. So Im not saying Im never going to buy the expensive ones but for now Im happy with this one, the other thing is that there is a small hole in the top so that remover will not gush out if you drop it, its these small things that make me appreciate products!

I dont usually just buy celebrity inspired things unless I feel it fits a purpose for me

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