Monday, 16 August 2010

Im a Clinique Ambassador

I was sent this kit from Clinique as part of the Clinique Ambassadors Challenge

I have to use this kit for two weeks and report my experiences

I have to review Clinique products

I also need support from my subscribers

I need you to register on

and register using my ambassador code which is

Plz plz plz register because its part of my challenge that atleast 10 people register using my ambassadors code
Im not 100% sure but I think theres a chance that you get a free sample too

If not then Ill do a clinique giveaway out of my own pocket coz I do buy lots of clinique and I get alot of quarter size products that Im happy to share with you

Thank you


Gaby said...

Lucky girl! This offer is not available where I live )=

raspcherry said...

Yes, I think its really good, that beauty bloggers are being given 3-step so that we can give our honest opinions and experience !