Thursday, 12 August 2010

Haul:- MAC in the groove

MAC in the groove haul

I may have possibly, slightly overdone it on this one
considering I only wanted 'cool calm collected' and 'blue my mind' trios

Tha above stuff is still in the original MAC pro delivery box
In the box
In the groove e/s trio
Togetherness e/s trio
Blue my mind e/s trio
Calm, cool and collected e/s trio
Making it easy e/s trio
New Vibe blush duo
Band of roses blush duo

These are the things I bought from debenhams the day the collection arrived
they are still in the internationally famous MAC bag -tada!

MSF in stereo rose
e/s trio in love to love

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Id love to know -What did you get?


Amira Beauty Blog said...

i wanna kick myself for not getting Stereo Rose lol i HOPE they release it again soon and dont wait idk how many years lol

raspcherry said...

@amira beauty blog -Its pretty but its quite luminescent, fluorescent abit neon so U have to be light with it, you're good at makeup so I know youd find a way to work it ! on the other end haha you make me wish I got petticoat!