Thursday, 26 August 2010

A hair mask for before you shampoo??

REVIEW:- Philip Kingsley Elasticizer

I darent say the word but Ill try to spell it 
Philip kingsley is the first known Trichologist (hair doctor)

from celebs to royalty 
hes done them 
apparently this treatment was invented for Audrey Hepburn 
well in that case give it to me give it to me 
She must be one of the worlds top most beautiful women in history! 
Ill gladly use what she does

So basically in one word this products is a pre-shampoo-hair-treatment-mask 
so you use about a small teaspoon spread into dirty unwashed damp hair 
I use atleast 2 tablespoon, I know it might be wasting but it might be better too! right?
you leave it in for 3 minutes but once again I apply it when I decide im gonna wash my hair and leave it on for as long as possible 
you have to wear a plastic granny style shower cap hair protecting piece thingy
but I put a towel over it, in the meantime I often use a facemask and possibly remove old nail polish
and get stuff ready or get on with some housework 

you then shampoo, conditioner and hair mask as normal
I find my hair is softer and shinier when I use this 

I guess in a way its a sophisticated version of asian hair oil as it contains Castor oil

if you feel that at over £20 this is too expensive 
just use good old neat castor oil 
my mums been using it for years and she had Amazing hair naturally 
she was never in to blow drying and heat styling the way me and my sisters and most girls out there are now accustomed to she didnt need it, just pretty hair styles and pretty accessories

I hope you all enjoyed this post 

What products are you using on your hair 
-Im always on the look out for great products 

Thank you babes x

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