Thursday, 26 August 2010

REVIEW :- Ojon haircare

My current haircare products 

I actually mix and match my hair care as and when needed
Im a bit of a sicko in the way that I like to use matching products -lol
(from the same range)
I feel that they will work better, like in symphony !

I have been using Ojon products for a good few years now 
Its definitely too expensive in my opinion 
But then so are other brands that Im using on my hair
(Phillips kingsley, Fredderick Fekkai, Redken and others)

there are a few different ranges within this brand
I use the Ojon Ultra hydrating Shampoo and conditioner 
as my hair is very dry and requires maximum moisture and hydration 
when I was my hair with most shampoos my hair tangles and knots and sticks together
I did not have this issue with this shampoo -which is a good sign for me !

The conditioner is quite thick and yellow and reminds me of custard 
(and makes me miss cake)
and I use too much but I like to masque my hair in conditioner especially if im not using a hair masque but I usually do

I use the Ojon hydrating mist whilst my hair is still damp
for extra hydration and also on dry hair just before I brush it through and style my hair 
I also use this hydrating spray in the mornings to help to detangle and freshen my childrens hair 

The tub you can see is pure Ojon it is the dried/solid oil of the palm nut 
which grows in rainforests, it has a sweetish toffee type of smell
you are supposed to use this as a quick pre-shampoo treatment 
but being of asian origin I have grown up knowing the importance of oiling your hair and leaving it in for maximum time possible ie overnight

The company claim to be eco friendly in that they create jobs amongst
the people of the rainforests who farm these products 

The company also claims that the hair absorbs this natural oil and plumps the hair up offering instant volume of the hair strand 

I believe that the company has recently been purchased by the Estee lauder group 

and is now available in department stores like John lewis 
but was initially only available at QVC
The above picture is of a mini kit which would cost £25
I have these products in super sizes which are triple the full sizes

I will review my other hair products soon 
this includes frederick fekkai and phillip kingsley

as well as a couple of good onesIve tried recently off of the high street! 

let me know if youd like more hair posts? 
Ive had video requests for it but never got around to it

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