Sunday, 8 August 2010

I was playing with some henna mehndi today

I love how soothing the actual application of mehndi is
Its been a long time since I have applied mehndi to anyone
so I didnt feel as fluent with the mehndi as I could
but I was just playing on my own hand so it doesnt really matter
ill be back up to my usual pro level soon ;)

A little bit of background about Henna Mehndi

Henna mehndi is an ancient art form from Pakistan/India which really dates back to centuries ago
Henna mehndi plays an important part in the Muslim womans life
it is part of important traditions such as eid and for wedding ceremonies
infact a whole night of celebration is dedicated to Henna Mehndi within a muslim marriage cermony (the same is true within indian marriages)
Where the bride has mehndi applied to hands, feet, arms, legs, she will also have her hair oiled to nourish it so that she can have glossy locks on the wedding day.
Haldi and uptan will be applied to her skin to make her skin glow.
There will be singing and dancing, Dholki (traditional drum) and ofcourse yummy yummy traditional pakistani foods

Henna Mehndi is used for both adorning patterns as well as colouring of the hair

many people from hot countries also use henna as a cooling aid
The cooling mehndi paste is applied all over the head throughout all the hair as the henna is cold
it is left on for either a set period or until it dries
it is then rinsed out
Henna has a very potent smell and also has a colouring effect
it is therefore used as a natural hair dye
Natural Mehndi will come out orange but you can get various colours in home henna dye kits

A simple recipe for making your own home mehndi paste
is natural henna powder
mixed with clean water
mixed until you have your desired consistency
Many people have their own secret ingredients to add depth to the final colour
one way to apply is using a needle
or to use a cone which can be easily filled

Im lazy I buy mines ready made

I hope you enjoyed this post

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