Saturday, 14 August 2010

Affordable eye makeup remover

Highstreet eye makeup removers for super heavy makeup

So you have probably realised that although Im a neutral makeup girl but I love to be creative and express myself with bold and beautiful colour combinations
I find that cleansing alone is not enough to remove makeup so I use a makeup remover first
I find that as most makeup is on my eyes, makeup remover wipes are super convenient to remove all traces of makeup before cleansing and moisturising.
I find makeup wipes are good for occasional use but for more frequent use I prefer proper cleansing. Nothing beats the refreshing feeling of a cleansed face !

Johnsons priced about £4
I think there are about 20 in the tub
these smell nice,
and are super luxurious each pad is almost like this velour pads you can use for powder makeup application.
they are impregnanted with an oily eye makeup remover solution
you are supposed to use 1 pad per eye but I snip them in half to make them ther perfect shape to cover my lid, I let the solution saturate my makeup and then I get impatient and rub the makeup off -lol!

at £4 they are still affordable but theres another product I have found that beats these value wise.

Boots eye makeup remover pads
these are cheap as chips I think they are less than £2 and you get 40 pads
they are small and thin and have alot of oily solution on them
it is best if you use one on each eye however if you want to save money you can flip the pad over and use the other side if you are not wearing too much makeup.

Thanx for subscribing

Raspcherry X


Rhamnousia said...

The Boots ones are my HG eye makeup remover.

They were the first ones I ever tried and I've been round the houses with remover but I always go back to these.

raspcherry said...

@Rhamnousia Im beginning to love the boots ones too , so cheap, effective and so small and compact!